Friday, December 9, 2011

Media Quotes

The Naked News has appeared in hundreds of articles, magazines, TV shows and news reports. Here is a selection of what some people have been saying about the Naked News.

"The audience …would like its news to be more like entertainment shows: better stories told by attractive personalities in exciting ways. There’s 'Naked News. It’s a woman giving the news as she’s getting undressed. OR, on the other hand, you could have two boring people behind a desk." Les Moonves, Chairman CBS television.

Naked News Model
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"You won’t find any anchorman stuffed shirts on Naked News--in fact, you’ll find no shirts at all. With its irreverent take on current events, Naked News is an idea any newshound can love" Yahoo’s 100 Best of the Web

"…Naked news Canadian website offers best international coverage this side of the BBC; naked part is gravy." Time Magazine

"Naked News has become an Internet phenomenon, spreading like a virus throughout the world." Washington Post

"Some of Canada’s most prominent broadcast journalists confess to having watched it, of course to find out what it was about." New York Times

"Naked News TV’s" camp sensibility signal all the makings of a cult hit." Chicago Tribune

"Let’s applaud the Naked News for doing what the Web does best: confronting and pushing back the boundaries of conventional media." Online Journalism Review

"Confident anchor uncovers the news." USA Today

"Just the Bare Facts. The Naked News Has More Appeal Than Just the Nudity."

"Like, didn’t "Naked News TV" just premiere on pay- per-view? Reality imitates fantasy." Boston Herald

"The Net at its nuttiest spawns ideas that in hindsight seem inevitable. Such is the feeling when you see" Yahoo Internet Life

"Sam Donaldson admits: ‘I have seen’ But he’s only watched the nude broadcast once and that was for research purposes, he swears." Media News

"Naked News Uncovers More Than the Latest Stories. Despite the outrageous gimmick, The Naked News plays the headlines straight." ON Magazine

"FEELING A little depressed after watching the news these days? Have reports of terror, war and economic hard times left you wishing the news could be different? Hello Naked News." London Independent

"Make no mistake - this is a real news broadcast." The Daily Texan

"The very well-written news is changed daily and is broadcast on the RealPlayer, Windows Media and Quicktime player for the highest possible quality on any computer." ABC news

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Naked News

Ok first thing first "What is Naked News?"

Naked News or provides subscribers with a daily 22-minute news report covering global events from the latest political developments to entertainment news to gossip and sports. There is also a variety of novelty segments running the gamut from celebrity interviews to Internet culture. They even have their own resident "Naked Nerd " delivering the latest dish on the world of video games, comic books, science-fiction and fan conventions.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. "Why is this guy reviewing a NEWS site on a website devoted to reviewing adult entertainment? " Well, in case the name didn’t clue you in, it’s because the news at is delivered by a team of beautiful women wearing nothing but a smile! first hit the Internet more than ten years ago, in December of 1999. It was the world’s first nude news broadcast, and it spawned many imitators - including an embarrassing attempt by the Playboy Channel, and a much-ballyhooed Russian cable TV version - none of which are around anymore. The longevity of confers a degree of respectability to it, as does the fact that their founding newswoman, the beautiful and classy Victoria Sinclair, is still an integral part of the broadcast team. maintains a substantial, searchable archive of episodes, organized by date, segment type, and anchor, just in case you have a favorite or two. Personally, my favorite parts of the show are when the ladies go off-script and take to the streets, doffing their duds for frequently hilarious "vox pop " segments with bewildered members of the public.

But the biggest surprise about this show by far is the news element, which is so professional, it puts most local news shows to shame. In fact, these ladies would not look out of place in any large-market news program. Some of them and a few even have national-level newsreader skills. Then again, that"s the point, isn’t it? does what new media was meant to do: test the limits of taste, push the boundaries of acceptability and bring you risky, edgy content that conventional media companies would never dare to touch.

To sum up, is one part legitimate news program, one part light-hearted entertainment, with a liberal dollop of sexy, cheesecake, burlesque-style striptease thrown in for good measure. The ladies are that proverbial spoonful of sugar that lets the medicine of the news go down. It"s a unique recipe that the producers have spent the last decade perfecting. And you know what? It tastes pretty darn good. would still be a bargain at twice the price.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Global recession grows closer as G20 summit fails

A world recession has drawn closer after a fractious G20 summit failed to agree fresh financial help for distressed countries and debt-ridden Italy was forced to agree to the International Monetary Fund monitoring its austerity programme.

Financial markets fell sharply after the two days of talks in Cannes broke up in disarray, amid concerns that Italy will now replace Greece at the centre of Europe's deepening debt crisis.

UK hopes that the Germans would relent and allow the European Central Bank to become the lender of last resort for the euro were also dashed.

In a sign that the spread of the debt crisis to Italy could break up the single currency, the chancellor, George Osborne, admitted the Treasury was undertaking crisis planning for a eurozone collapse.

The G20 deadlock led David Cameron to issue one of his starkest warnings about the impact on the UK economy, saying: "Every day the eurozone crisis continues and every day it is not resolved is a day that it has a chilling effect on the rest of the world economy, including the British economy.

"I am not going to pretend all the problems in the eurozone have been fixed. They have not. The task for the eurozone is the same as going into this summit. The world can't wait for the eurozone to go through endless questions and changes about this.

"We, like the rest of the world, need the eurozone to sort out its problems. We need more to happen in terms of detail on the European firewall."

Cameron hinted at worse to come, describing this as only "a stage of the global crisis".

There had been hopes that the G20 would agree to increase IMF resources by as much as $250bn to more than $1tn, but disagreements about the wisdom of it, structure, size and contributors to the fund left world leaders forced to pass the issue on to a meeting of G20 finance ministers next February.

The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, had been eager to flourish a figure both to reassure the markets and to top his chairmanship of the G20.

Cameron revealed the friction, saying: "The very worst thing would be to try to cook up a number without being very specific about who is contributing what. If you cannot do that, it is better to say the world stands ready to increase resources to the IMF as necessary."

In the financial markets an early rise in share prices was reversed after it became clear that divisions in the G20 would prevent a deal in Cannes to boost the firepower of the European financial stability facility (EFSF) or the IMF. The yield on 10-year Italian bonds rose from 6.2% to 6.4%, the highest since the euro was founded, raising fears that the country would face problems financing its huge debts.

Obama, under pressure from Congress, was deeply reluctant to contribute to an expansion of IMF funds without clearer signs that the eurozone was sorting out its problems. Admitting that he had been given a crash course in European politics, Obama urged Greek and Italian parliaments to take decisive action to control their deficits and combat what he described as some of the psychological origins of the crisis.

He also urged the euro area to start putting some resources into the EFSF, which Europe hopes to turn into a bailout fund with at least €1tn to deploy.

But the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, said: "There are hardly any countries here which said they were ready to go along with the EFSF."

Berlusconi was summoned to a late-night hotel meeting with Merkel, Sarkozy, the IMF director general, Christine Lagarde, and Obama, where he was told that the IMF was to start monitoring to ensure tough austerity measures are implemented. The measures include changes to the labour market, pension reform and the sell-off of state-owned assets.

Italy has debts of €1.9tn, or 120% of GDP, and if it followed Greece down the path towards a financial bailout, or default, the impact on the European banking system would be vast. Italy faces new tests in further auctions of its debt this month – it has to raise €30.5bn in November and a further €22.5bn in December.

Sarkozy denied that the demands on Berlusconi represented an IMF coup, saying: "We never wanted to change governments, either in Greece or in Italy. That is not our role, that is not our idea of democracy, but it's clear that there are rules in Europe and if you exonerate yourself from these rules you exclude yourself from Europe."

Berlusconi, facing defections from his own party, insisted he had invited the IMF to offer advice. Berlusconi said on Friday he had rejected an offer of funds from the IMF – "I don't think Italy needs that" – and said his country was more solid than France or the UK.

British officials privately admit that potential economic collapse in Italy is now the single biggest concern gripping world leaders. One said: "We cannot have the Italians meeting in crisis every three days. We need some action."

The UK government will now focus on urging its European partners to make progress, and will continue to support extra cash for the IMF. Cameron said he would not need UK parliamentary approval for this as the Commons has already agreed to an increase that would cover the proposed UK additional contribution.

The EFSF has €440bn ($608bn) available to lend, of which roughly half is expected to be consumed by bailouts of Ireland, Portugal and Greece. Italy has nearly €2tn in debt outstanding.

The European Central Bank has purchased Italian debt since August, but will not carry on doing so indefinitely. The need to bolster the EFSF has led the EU to pursue countries outside the euro zone with surplus cash, such as China.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dunaden wins Melbourne Cup 2011

Christophe Lemaire won the Melbourne Cup on his first ride in Australia but the French jockey had to wait several anxious minutes as the judge examined the photo on the closest finish in the 151-year history of the famous racing that stop the nation.

The winning owner is Sheikh Fahad al Thani. He is only just turned 23 years and had become fascinated by racing when studying at a business college in London. He preferred thoroughbreds to the pure-bred Arabian breed owned by other members of his family in Qatar.
Asked why he had become so fascinated by horses and racing, Sheikh Fahad replied: “It’s in our blood.”

2011 Melbourne Cup Race

Trained by Mikel Delzangles and ridden by Christophe Lemaire, Dunaden is likely to be aimed at the same race again next year. Last year's winner was Americain who finished at fourth.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Melbourne Cup 2011

This year Melbourne Cup 2011 will be run at 3.00pm on Tuesday, November 1, with more than $6M prize money.

First run in 1861 under the banner of the Victorian Turf Club and won by the Etienne de Mestre-trained Archer who beat the favourite Mormon by six lengths. The prize was 1420 pounds and the trophy a gold watch.
Last year's winner Americain will join an elite group of horses and will again be ridden by top international jockey Gerald Mosse.

Today the crowd and excitement are building at Flemington ahead of the running of the 151st Melbourne Cup. More than 100,000 people are expected at Flemington to watch the great race this afternoon.

And racegoers look likely to win a reprieve from the city's famously fickle weather with Flemington Racetrack to remain under cloud cover throughout Melbourne Cup day.

Weather bureau forecasts that the track would only cop a brief shower at worst and the temperature would reach a maximum of 19C. But hat-wearing racegoers will be relieved that windy weather is not expected.

Eager racegoers arrived at Flemington early, grabbing prime position beside the final straight. Ladies with hats and fascinators are streaming into the course, many carrying Eskies for the long day ahead or already heading to the bar.

Americain is the favourite and will attempt to win back to back Cups.

The Melbourne Cup 2011 Race Time In Each State varies considerably so make sure you check the list below to have yourself ready for the race that stops the nation.

Victorian Melbourne Cup Start Time - 3:00pm

New South Wales Melbourne Cup Start Time - 3:00pm

ACT Melbourne Cup Start Time - 3:00pm

Tasmania Melbourne Cup Start Time - 3:00pm

South Australia Melbourne Cup Start Time - 2:30pm

Queensland Melbourne Cup Start Time - 2pm

Northern Territory Melbourne Cup Start Time - 1:30pm

Western Australia Melbourne Cup Start Time - 12:00pm

Happy Melbourne Cup!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thailand flood

Bangkok's central business district has so far avoided major flooding, but many of the areas nearby are chest- or waist-deep in water, forcing residents to flee their homes. The Thai government has set up more than 1,700 shelters across the country, where more than 113,000 people have taken refuge since flooding began in July after heavy monsoon rains.

More than 370 people have died, and charities working in the country have warned of the risk of water- and insect-borne diseases such as diarrhea, dengue fever and malaria in the coming days and weeks. Thai officials warned residents in the capital to be vigilant and expect disruptions with electricity and tap water.

UNICEF said it was providing 20,000 mosquito nets, and handing out 20,000 pamphlets explaining how to stay safe and healthy in flood-hit regions. The Red Cross said it had provided more than 130,000 relief kits, and 120,000 packs of bottled water, but representatives in Bangkok said they were concerned at the lack of food and drinking water in communities isolated by the floodwaters.

Overall damage from the floods could exceed $6 billion, the Thai Finance Ministry has said.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has urged stores not to stockpile goods, amid concerns that panic buying was leading to a shortage of essential items.

Officials in the capital have warned residents to expect interruptions to electricity and tap water supplies. The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority said it had reduced the amount of tap water processed for residents from 900,000 to 400,000 cubic meters per day, because of high algae counts at one of its plants.

The prime minister said authorities would speed up the process of draining water into Bangkok's canals and into the sea, raising hopes that water levels in the city could start to sink. However, the government has warned it may take more than a month for the floods to recede.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden is dead

President Barack Obama announced late Sunday night that Osama bin Laden was killed in firefight during a U.S. ground operation in Pakistan, ending the 10-year hunt for the world’s most wanted terrorist. Officials say Mr. bin Laden’s body is in American possession.

Breaking News:

President Obama Confirms Osama Bin Laden is Dead: ID Confirmed by DNA Testing:

Osama bin Laden Dead: Details on Death, Burial, Why at Sea?